The Counselling Association – South Africa has at aim to ensure that the registered counsellor functions within a specific ethical framework.  This will ensure that uniformity is maintained and a professional conduct platform is established. Specific values and norms will be outlined.

Focus points to cover in the ethical code are:

i) Confidentiality

ii) Responsibility

iii) Contracts

iv) Competence

v) Boundaries of intervention

vi) Anti-discriminatory practice

vii) Client’s protection in respect of finances, emotional exploitation, privacy, etc.

viii) Responsibility towards other counsellors and professional colleagues

Further Development

Focus will also be on the further development of the registered counsellor in the form of:

i) Presentation of Short workshops on relevant topics

ii) Organising of seminarsas the need arises

iii)  Organising of conferences when applicable

iv) Relevant skills training as the need arises

The Counselling Association – South Africa aims at providing the registered counsellor with a framework of functioning within a set environment to feel satisfied and to serve the client to such an extent that the client will be able to understand the purpose of the intervention as well as how to maintain the skills acquired.