The Counselling Association- South Africa

Our Aim

The Counselling Association – South Africa has at aim to establish a platform for counsellors in the private sector to ethically provide a service,focusing on relationship counselling, trauma counselling, pastoral counselling and promoting mental and emotional well-being and health.


The Counselling Association – South Africa has at purpose to ensure that the registered counsellor has effective and suitable training, monitor counselling services rendered, ensuring that specific standards are maintained and also provide access to sustainable service within the context of cultural boundaries within the whole of South Africa.


It will further ensure that different methods and techniques are used to address the identified problem the client is exposed to.  Within the said context, the counsellor may act as facilitator to address the problem accordingly.

Our Objective

The objective of the Counselling Association – South Africa are to:


i) Register trained counsellors
ii) Monitor the services rendered by the registered counsellor
iii) Ensure that a specific code of conduct is used as framework for service delivery
iv) Ensure that the registered counsellor is continuously developed in a professional way through presenting relevant training in this regard
v) Promote a professional scenario in which the client may feel secure and safe to embark on the professional journey suggested by the counsellor

Who is the team leading the Association,
ensuring professional conduct at all times:

Prof. Retha Knoetze (Ph.D)


064 655 6111

Dr. Mariane de Beer (Ph.D)


082 326 4058

May there be any uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact any of the above named members.