The Counselling Association- South Africa

The Counselling Association – South Africa has at aim to establish a platform for counsellors to register and become a member.  Although this registration does not give a practice number to enable medical fund claims it gives professional protection for the member in the counselling field.

There are four levels of registration which are:

i) Counsellor in Training – R 360 – 00 annually

ii) Counsellor under Supervision – R 395 – 00 annually

iii) Counsellor – R 480 – 00 annually

iv) Specialist counsellor – R 530 – 00


Adding to this is a compulsory assessment fee of R 120 – 00

When can I apply for registration?

The requirements for registration are:


i) Counsellor in Training
Application for registration as counsellor in training can take place as soon as a person has enrolled for a counsellor or counselling related qualification with a Training Institution.  Proof of registration as learner/student is needed.


ii) Counsellor under Supervision
Application for registration as a counsellor under supervision can take place after the first year of training has been successfully achieved and continuation to the second year takes place.


iii) Counsellor
Application for registration as a counsellor can take place after completion of a degree in counselling,or counselling related professional training,has been achieved.


iv) Specialist counsellor
Application for registration as specialist counsellor can take place once a Masters Degree or Doctorate or PhD in counselling,or counselling related professional training, has been achieved.

What is the process for application?

The process for application as member can be outlined as follows:


i) Completion of Application form (attached for completion)

ii) Payment of R 120 – 00 assessment fee

iii) Payment of level of registration for which application is done

iv) Proof of payment of assessment fee as well as level of registration, submitted together with completed application form

v) Application then posted to the relevant address

How does the screening and registration take place?

The Counselling Association – South Africa has at purpose to ensure that the registered counsellor has effective suitable training, monitor counselling services rendered, ensuring that specific standards are maintained and also provide access to sustainable service within the context of cultural boundaries within the whole of South Africa.


It if further ensured that different methods and techniques are used to address the identified problem the client is exposed to.  Within the said context the counsellor may act as facilitator to address the problem accordingly.


The objective of the Counselling Association – South Africa are to:


i) Register trained counsellors

ii) Monitor the services rendered by the registered counsellor

iii) Ensure that a specific code of conduct is used as framework for service delivery

iv) Ensure that the registered counsellor is continuously developed in a professional way through presenting relevant training in this regard

v) Promote a professional scenario in which the client may feel secure and safe to embark on the professional journey suggested by the counsellor